Learning to Code

When I was kid my dad and I had fun with binary puzzles. My dad taught electronics at a vocational education school and it was part of his job and passion to understand the future of programming in relation to electronics. Back then we talked a lot about computer programing, I thought it was interesting and agreed it was important. However, after our conversations I’d just go back to playing in the backyard, my interest not equating to his passion.  As I grew up and began to focus on my career I diverged more and more from the path of computer science, tending more towards teaching middle school science, though I never lost that interest my dad instilled in me.

Fast forward to the present, technology as well as computer science is rapidly being integrated into learning science. As a parent I am talking to my teenager about learning how to code as an important skill set in today’s world. As an educator I now need to learn the basic principles of coding so I can better help guide my students’ learning as well provide an introduction to computer science so that they can keep up with evolving technology.

The world is driven by technology and everyone needs to have basic fundamental skills in both science and technology. If we expect our students to learn new concepts then it is imperative we expect the same of ourselves. If you’re not putting yourself outside your comfort zone then you aren’t learning.

So this summer, I’m taking baby steps in learning to code. I know my son will giggle at my pace but he will also grin at my successes.  You don’t need to be the expert who teaches every step of the process as long as you can facilitate your students’ drive to learn it for themselves. In that way, we can all be the students working together.


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