Cubes in Space Proposals Accepted!

What is Cubes in Space?

Cubes in Space is a STE[A]M-based global program for students to design and compete to launch an experiment into space.  Cubes in Space is linked with NASA providing opportunity for students from 22 countries.

Students as Rocket Scientists

7th grade science students methodically worked through a process of developing an experimental idea they wanted to test in space.  They learned the basics of how such an experiment in a small cube would handle transport and flight, thinking about how best to protect their experiment and collect data.  Finally they focused on writing a scientific proposal in anticipation for flight consideration, either in a sounding rocket or research balloon mission.

Proposals were due by March 4, in which students wrote a succinct proposal following required components that explained and pitched their experimental design. Accepted proposal designs were announced on April 1. From all the submissions, only 80 experiments would be chosen for the sounding rocket mission (SR-3) and 50 for the high altitude research balloon mission (RB-2). We were fortunate to have four 7th grade science groups’ proposals granted from International School!  One of my students initially thought it was an April fool’s joke when I shared the good news her group’s proposal was accepted, I’m glad to say it was the real deal. We are excited to say the least. Students will receive their Cubes in which to integrate their experimental payload in early April, 2016.

Next Steps

Once we have the cubes, students will need to prepare their experiments and then we’ll send them to NASA for space flight.  We’ll have to wait until summer to receive the experimental data in which students will then prepare how they will communicate their results to a wider scientific audience.

The Cubes will be launched into space via sounding rocket from NASA Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, VA in late June 2016.  The Launch of balloon payloads will be from the NASA Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility at Fort Sumner, NM.

For more information Cubes in Space

Cubes in Promo Video


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