Prepping Redefining

Next week, I will be embarking how teaching and learning is being redefined and expanded with technology.  My 7th graders produced science lessons to be viewed by 1st graders. We Skyped an introductory call and then worked to figure out how best to teach a younger audience. My students prepped to teach the States of Matter, as it relates to the  particle theory and the nature of Solids, Liquids and Gasses. They would be teaching the basic science concepts to their young audience. They had to choose their wording and examples carefully. Next they had to think about their presentation format, it had to be something that could be watched and heard, because not all 1st graders are able to comprehend a plethora of text on a screen. Many of my kids made videos, videos are easy but sometimes have format challenges, but more about that later.

Now that the lessons are done and shared with the first graders, who reported back they “loved them!”  My task is to share with other teachers how we did this.  It begins with an idea, communication between the coordinating teachers, clear lesson structure and student objectives, class time for students to work on lessons, class time for students to watch the lessons, teacher communication and evaluation did it really work?  Sound familiar? Yes, it’s what all teachers do for daily classroom learning, but my question is to how best teach other educators something they may already know?  Stay tuned…

Redefining Learning Conference (RLC)


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