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Getting ready to take some welcome time away from the classroom with mid-winter break. My students have become the teachers for younger learners this last week. 7th grade has been working on producing solid-liquid-gas lessons for first graders. They have been creatively simplifying their words to explain the complex nature of states of matter. Videos, PowerPoint and Sway are in the mix – Office Mix that is. The chaos in the classroom was a bit loud but the excitement of which words they should use – molecules, particles or pieces – was engaging. The something new was sharing their lessons on It took a few trials and errors, a few emails, and a few uploads to understand the format, but now it all looks great. My students wrote summaries of their lessons to help “hook” their young learner’s attention (or at least the attention of the teacher of said first graders). We look forward to Skyping again with our first grade students, excited to hear what science they have learned.

Interested in student learning? Check it out here




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